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Felt backed Luxury Cushioned Vinyl Flooring

Installation requirements
The final appearance and performance of your flooring will depend on the quality and preparation of the sub-floor upon which it is laid.
Sub-floor surface must be smooth, clean, level, dry and free from dust and small particles, with a damp proof membrane incorporated in solid ground floor
Floorboards should be overlaid with resin-bonded plywood or flooring grade hardboard sheets and fixed at 100mm centres with ring shank nails.
Your new cushioned flooring must not be laid over a timber sub floor that has been treated with wood preservative, asphalt floors, vinyl or thermoplastic tiles.
These surfaces should be covered with a minimum layer of 3mm screed underlayment to prevent migration staining of the sheet vinyl above.
For installations greater than 12 square metres, the floor covering must be fully all over adhered to the sub floor with a suitable acrylic adhesive.
The flooring must be fixed in doorways, and especially under frequently used kitchen furniture, tables, chairs etc, irrespective of the size of the installation.
Also where there is regular movement of heavy domestic appliances or at seams. These areas should be fixed with an appropriate acrylic adhesive system.

A regular cleaning and maintenance programme will help to ensure your new flooring keeps its appearance and good looks for the future.
Regularly sweep your flooring with a soft broom to remove dirt and grit to prevent scratches etc. Wash using only a mild detergent and rinse with clean water.
Your flooring can be kept looking as new with a periodical application of a proprietary acrylic polish.
Certain rubbers, which contain anti-oxidants, can permanently stain you flooring. Some common causes of staining can be rubber backed mats and rugs along
with certain types of soles on shoes.
Staining can also result from coming into contact with chemicals, solvents, strong dyes and certain food colourings.
Do not use abrasive cleaners or strong detergents as they may cause discoloration. Any staining resulting from contact with these, or any other such products is
not a manufacturing defect or product failure.
The use of “beater bar” rotary suction vacuum cleaners is not recommended as surface damage may result, especially when the vinyl-flooring product has been
loose laid.

The product guarantees are only applicable when the cushioned vinyls are installed in a non-commercial, domestic location and in accordance with the above